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Dec 09
Fixing Green Pools
Pool water turns green because of algae in the water. Algae can grow rapidly, particularly in hot weather, which is why it can surprise you overnight during the warmer months. This generally comes down to an imbalance or lack of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is an effective sanitiser; however letting chlorine levels drop for even a day can start an algae outbreak. So, it’s important to check your chlorine levels frequently to save you any nasty surprises.
Oct 28
How to Protect Your Pool Cover From Heavy Snow
For those who live in areas with heavy snow falls during the winter months, additional precautions need to be taken with winter pool covers. No matter what type of pool you are closing (inground or above ground), it is important to consistently observe the condition of your cover and prevent unnecessary and costly damage from taking place. To be sure this doesn’t happen, read on to find out some pool pro tips on protecting not only your cover, but your pool as well.
Sep 18
Guide to Chemicals for Hot Tubs
Keeping hot tub water clean is probably the most important job of a hot tub owner. Well-balanced chemical levels ensure that nasty bacteria and other contaminants aren’t growing in your spa, ready to cause cloudy water and even make you sick. The only way to keep it clean is by frequently testing the water chemistry and balancing the hot tub chemicals. If you are confused about which chemicals you need, and how and when to add them to your spa water, you have come to the right place. Here, we break down everything you need to know about hot tub chemicals.
Sep 08
Want Perfect Spa Water?
Small tips for what's the spa water
Aug 27
The Importance of Pool Water Balance
The health of your swimming pool is determined by multiple key factors such as circulation, cleaning and chemicals. However, among the most important aspects of pool care is water balance. Balance and harmony is the key to healthy living, and the same goes for your pool water. If everything is balanced, you will avoid any potential issues with your pool, including cloudiness and algae growth.
Aug 03
Please Noted! Crystal Clear Water Is Not Synonymous With Healthy Water
Correctly analyze pool water
Jul 28
How to Keep Your Water Balanced
It’s important to keep your pool Water Balanced
May 20
The Importance of a Clean Pool
Having a swimming pool in your own backyard helps you cool off on those hot summer days. More important than the fun and recreation, though, is keeping it clean...
Mar 29
How chlorine keeps swimming pools safe for summer swimmers
How chlorine keeps swimming pools safe for summer swimmers
Mar 10
How Do I Add Chemicals for the Pool?
By now you probably know that water balance is one of the most important factors of keeping your swimming pool healthy. If you’re still confused by the c...
Nov 26
How is TCCA used?
As you would imagine, TCCA is in very popular use. This is due to its significance for several health and disinfecting applications in domestic and industrial ...
Nov 23
Alibaba Live show - November-23th-25th 2020
Alibaba Live show
Nov 23
Alibaba Live show - November-23th-25th 2020
Alibaba Live show
Nov 03
How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Winter | Swim Spas
Outdoor season is over and for many that means hot tub season is as well. While many hot tubs have the ability to function in the winter and you can certainly u...
Sep 17
How to Winterize Your Pool
When summer/swimming season comes to an end, it makes both the owners and users of the pool extra sad to see it go. Now, you can’t help but think of how d...
Aug 17
Everything you need to know about your spa chemicals
SPA CHEMICALS EXPLAINED You might think that the chemicals used for both pools and spas are the same; of course you would only be half right, there are slight...
Aug 07
Cloudy Pool Water: Get Your Water Back to Clear
It's pretty hard to keep your friends and family out of your pool on a gorgeous day, but if you notice your pool water has become cloudy it is time to put the ...
Jul 29
How to Treat Pool Algae: Tips for Removal & Prevention
There are 4 main types of pool algae that pool owners need to recognize and eventually prevent. The appearance and color of algae is not only a disturbing sight...
Jul 27
Achieving Water Balance
Calculating Pool Capacity:It is important to know your pool’s capacity in order to calculate the proper quantity of chemicals to use in maintaining water ...
Jul 24
How to Chemicals: Everything You Need to Know About Pool Chemicals
How to Chemicals: Everything You Need to Know About Pool Chemicals
Jul 24
Chemicals explained for pool
Do you own, maintain, and clean your own pool? Have you done so for years but have a few simple questions on pool chemicals?
May 18
Covid19:Mobilizes for communities by offering its sodium hypochlorite production
Production and storage of sodium hypochlorite solution (concentrated bleach)
Oct 10
How To Test Multi-Function Tablets To Confirm Their Good Quality
The tablets should be placed into the capacity with distilled water, the temperature of the water is +25 C (200g tablets are put into a capacity of 20 litres BUT 20g tablets should be put into a capacity of 2 litres)
Aug 16
1.How to Open Your Pool
Summer pool opening season is just around the corner, and you want to get your pool ready for parties, barbecues, and summertime fun. Read on to find out how to open in ground or above ground pools for summer.
Aug 16
2.How to Clean Your Pool
Before you allow your family, friends, and neighbors to set foot in your pool; you want to be sure that it is clean and sanitary for some summer time fun.
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