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Oct 10
How To Test Multi-Function Tablets To Confirm Their Good Quality
The tablets should be placed into the capacity with distilled water, the temperature of the water is +25 C (200g tablets are put into a capacity of 20 litres BUT 20g tablets should be put into a capacity of 2 litres)
Aug 16
1.How to Open Your Pool
Summer pool opening season is just around the corner, and you want to get your pool ready for parties, barbecues, and summertime fun. Read on to find out how to open in ground or above ground pools for summer.
Aug 16
2.How to Clean Your Pool
Before you allow your family, friends, and neighbors to set foot in your pool; you want to be sure that it is clean and sanitary for some summer time fun.
Aug 16
3.How to Maintain Your Pool
To save yourself time and energy, you will need to continuously maintain your pool for the summer months.
Aug 16
4.How to Close Your Pool
How To Close an Inground or Above Ground Pool