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Cloudy Pool Water: Get Your Water Back to Clear
It's pretty hard to keep your friends and family out of your pool on a gorgeous day, but if you notice your pool water has become cloudy it is time to put the "No Swimming" sign up. Cloudy water is most often caused by a chemical imbalance in the pool and/or poor filtration. Both of these causes can lead to increased levels of contaminants and bacteria. In addition, poor visibility from cloudy water is a drowning risk for swimmers.
Planning and Preparation
You will want to set aside a couple days to ensure your swimming water is clear and that the chemical balance is restored. Steps include cleaning the pool, adding chemicals and running the filtration system for at least 24 hours to ensure a clean, safe swimming environment. Plan ahead and have the following items on hand before you start.

Materials You’ll Need:
  • Chlorine
  • Water Clarifier
  • Leaf skimmer
  • Pool brush
  • Water test kit

Verify Your Filter is Functioning Properly
In order to clear the cloudy water, your filter must be functioning properly. Since a poorly functioning filter can contribute to a chemical imbalance and cloudy water, you won't be able to correct the problem without first ensuring it is not old, dirty or damaged.

1.Clean the pool filter before getting started. Cartridge pool filters can be removed from their housing and gently cleaned with your garden hose. 
Sand filters and DE filters are cleaned by setting the pump to the 'backwash' setting and running the cloudy water through the sand or DE until 
any debris is removed. If the filter is damaged or is worn, replace the filter.
2.Turn the filter on and confirm the pressure is correct according to requirements. If the pressure does not return to normal after cleaning the filtration 
system, you may need to replace your pool pump, motor or filter. Leaking water, losing power or sucking in air could mean it is time to replace the 
pool pump.
3.Once you confirm the filter is clean and the filtration system is functioning properly, turn your filter on and keep it running throughout the 
de-clouding process.

Good Cleaning and Chemicals
Reminder: Turn the pump on now and keep it running 24/7 until the pool water is clear.

pool brush, give the pool a thorough scrubbing including the walls, steps, floor and ladders. Brush all surfaces of the pool to loosen any debris, then skim off any debris floating in the pool. Make sure to get behind the ladders.
Using a water test kit, check your pH and chlorine levels. A pool pH between 7.2 and 7.6 is the recommended range. The chlorine level should stay between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm) to maintain a healthy pool. Low levels of chlorine do not allow germs and debris to be broken down and flushed out of the pool. Instead, they build up in the pool causing the water to get cloudy.
Based on the water test results, add the appropriate amount of chlorine to bring the levels within the recommended range. Also, add a water clarifier to the pool. The water clarifier serves as a means to drive the floating particles that make the water cloudy to the pump so they can be flushed out of the pool.Keep the pump running until the pool water is clear.

Routine Pool Maintenance for Clear Water
Keep the pool water clean and clear by checking your pool chemicals often and maintaining balanced levels all season long. This will help to ensure your pool will be open and inviting all summer long.