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Please Noted! Crystal Clear Water Is Not Synonymous With Healthy Water
The crystallinity of water is related to chemical balance, such as alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness in the ideal range, but if there is no residual chlorine in the range between 1 and 3ppm, we favor the development of algae and turbidity, in addition to making the environment suitable for the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and insects.

Even if the water is crystal clear, analyze and correct if necessary the alkalinity and pH, keep the chlorine applications so that the residual is kept in the range of 1 to 3 ppm.

In periods of rain, a lot of sun and a greater number of bathers, intensify the analysis of residual chlorine, as in these conditions it may be necessary to increase the amount of product in the pool water.

As an aid in the treatment, we also recommend the application of the RHONDACHEM product, it oxidizes all the organic material present in the water, thus enhancing the action of chlorine.

If you need help,please contact RHONDACHEM.