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3.How to Maintain Your Pool

 Although summer is only 3 months long, you want to make the best of it and enjoy a clean, clear, pool. Yes, it is more fun to swim in it then it is to properly maintain your pool. With the suggestions below, we can show you how to maintain your above ground or in ground pool.

1. Chemicals-Add and Observe Chemicals. The most important chemical for your pool is chlorine. You can purchase chlorine in various forms such as: tablets and/or sticks. If you or someone you know is allergic to the effects of chlorine you can purchase cleansers like bromine and mineral based sanitizers to do the job instead.

2. Water Tests-Test your water. It is imperative that you test the water’s pH levels, calcium levels, and the overall alkalinity. Feel free to purchase test strips to properly observe your water. We recommend testing your pool’s water at least 2x’s a week.

3. Shock Treatments-Pool Shock. A regular shock treatment will rid your pool water of chloramines (this happens when chlorine combines with perspiration, make up, hair spray, and yes, even urine.) You can purchase shock treatments either with chlorine or without it depending on the hardness of your water, and what you prefer.

4. Pool Equipment-Scrub and Clean Your Pool. To get rid of it, you can purchase skimmers, wall brushes, and even automatic pumps to get rid of these annoying eyesores. Feel free to purchase vacuums to clean the floor and walls of your pool. This will suck out all debris that tends to collect in hard to reach areas.

5. Filtration System-Clean Everything. Clean your filter and pool pump on a regular basis. To be sure there is no undetected debris in either one, run your pool pump for at least 8 hrs. to circulate the water appropriately. If your filter contains a removable cartridge, you will need to clean it and eventually replace it with a new one over time.